ENC) Monday morning. The epicenter was monitored at 60.7 degrees south latitude and 55.9 degrees west longitude with a depth of 10 kilometers, according to the CENC. 6.0-magnitude q.

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uesday. Speaking at the 2012 fiscal summit of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Clinton stressed that a decision is better than an impasse, referring to the current situation that.

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the Lebanese constitution, that it renounced violence, including efforts to extract retribution against former government officials, and lives up to all of its international obl.

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e prior week's 3.70 percent, the company said. Moreover, the 1-year Treasury-indexed ARM averaged 3.22 percent this week, down from last week when it averaged 3.26 percent. "Mortga.

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ds of SMBs (small and medium sized businesses) who have limited in-house IT resources and knowledge," Cascadia Capital, a boutique investment bank, predicted in a report released .

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Alvares da Silva Campos Neto, economic infrastructure coordinator for the IPEA, in a news conference. In Brazil, there are 29,000 km of roads that are under private or regional ma .

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eat deal of intense discussions occurring between here and Israel and in Israel, as well as with our Palestinian and Arab partners." Clinton reiterated U.S. belief in a two-state s.

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y available to official institutions and certain professionals, such as doctors and some journalists. Havana has always blamed that on the U.S.-imposed economic blockade since 196.

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hey can lead to nervous system damage and developmental problems in children and can cause cancer, liver damage and reproductive harm, the report quoted researchers as saying. "Unf.

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