in 2012, down from 90 in 2011, according to Cenipa. "Last year, we started several actions focusing on prevention and improving aircraft maintenance, in order to reduce the number .

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using to give more details. She also said she did not have any information on fatalities " at all", as reports said one British and one Norwegian were killed in the attack on a BP .

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to supplement our fixed incomes, but we're not sure how to do so," he added. Some U.S. elderly people blame U.S. politicians in Washington and unions for causing the economic probl.

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said. "They can cause cancer, suppress immune system function, cause reproductive problems, nervous system effects and other health issues. This particular strain of bacteria ap.

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land. CAPE TOWN, June 23 (Xinhua) -- Five Cuban intelligence officers, known as Cuban Five, on Tuesday called for an end to the trade embargo imposed by the United States against.

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e president's murder. And conspiracy theories abound, sometimes with fanciful speculations and wild imagination. At around noon, the commemoration titled "The 50th: Honoring the M .

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ree of the 10 presidential candidates were involved in acts of proselytism in interviews with local media earlier on Sunday. The group identified the three candidate as Aejandro .

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ler, "It's an unbelievable story, all those cranes in Toronto." On June 26 and 27, Toronto will host the G20 Summit, where leaders of major economies will get together and discuss.

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pporting a Brazilian's bid for the top post at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), reports said. Jose Graziano Silva, a candidate for FAO director-general, said Roussef.

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