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compensation for working at such a remote and high-altitude site. The AUI had only offered to reduce the employees' work hours as a means to increase wages, which would not have

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and 7.5-percent decreases, according to the police. The police department said that 10 of 25 police district saw a double-digit decline in homicides, and the homicides citywide fe

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ur citizens, and our friends and allies. Going forward, we will continue to strengthen our cooperation with the Yemeni government to disrupt the plotting and to destroy the al-Qa

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for Canada's mission in Iraq. In a separate statement issued Monday, Baird also condemned the attacks conducted Sunday in several Iraqi provinces that killed dozens of people, in

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tion in July." The hurricane has destroyed bridges, caused oil slick and paralysed traffic in some regions. A group representing Monterrey business owners said that some 25,000 peo

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illingness of integrated urban regeneration, and follow with a policy document -- the Toledo Declaration. The delegates paid a visit to the Villa Solar in Madrid on Sunday, where i

哥太深了肚子鼓起来了 -憋不住…要尿了

ruct the whole state," Casagrande told reporters. In some places, rescue work can only be carried out by helicopter, as flood waters have blocked road access. On a tour of the affec