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EPFAR legacy and continue their anti- AIDS work. "We're out of politics, but we're still interested in policy and, and global health, obviously," Laura Bush said in an interview w

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hose will be closed to smoking, despite protests by bar owners who say they will lose business. City councilor Bob Monette voted against the new law, saying smoking is a "disgusti

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western Venezuela, which later spread to capital Caracas and several other cities. Calling the protests "alarming," the White House has been seeking international sanctions agains

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ednesday in Cairo that the Palestinians have agreed to end the page of the internal Palestinian division perpetually. "We turned the page of the black internal division perpetuall

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one of the most important aspects to be discussed at the U.S. Congress. WASHINGTON, May 12 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President Barack Obama announced Thursday that he is seeking a two-ye

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expected to fully participate in the discussions until autumn, after all members have approved its inclusion. Harper's announcement came a day after Mexico was welcomed into the

女子小便失禁 -忘羡开车特别污的那种

ate "an orderly transition without deploying force," including forming a "coalition of the relevant," appointing a special envoy to work with the coalition to help the Syrian opp